Service Overview



· Leverage PLXIS subject matter expertise to develop strategies and solutions for specific initiatives or on an ad hoc basis
· Great for enhancing existing programs, switching vendors, or launching new programs (e.g. EMV, order ahead, gift, fraud management)
· PLXIS will work to understand your goals and objectives, engage directly with vendors to understand effort, pricing, and functionality, and present a solution proposal. Process is iterative and collaborative to make sure you are involved from start to finish
Pricing: Hourly - scoped per initiative


Commercial Audit

Analysis of rates across solutions to:

· Better understand what franchisees currently pay and why

· Answer stakeholder questions with data and expertise

· Identify potential areas of cost saving


Solution Audit

Holistic assessment of current solutions and capabilities

· Understand opportunities to streamline solutions 

· Understand what will be impacted when rolling out new solutions and how to stay nimble into the future

Pricing: Hourly—scoped based on consolidation of current solution 

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


· Payments are becoming increasingly core to business operations and digital strategies, causing many large merchants to hire in house payments teams
· For most merchants, it can be hard to justify the cost of hiring a full time team of payment professional so these activities are often a secondary responsibility for someone with other expertise
· PLXIS program management solutions allow you to have the specialization and attention of dedicated payment specialists
· PLXIS constantly evaluates best in class products and changing market dynamics, and manages vendor relationships and will help you make sure your business has the best solutions in the market
Pricing is a fixed quarterly or annual fee and varies based on scope of program


· Annual PCI requirements can be confusing and cumbersome, particularly for franchised businesses
· PLXIS security solutions can help you complete your corporate level certification, ensure you are enrolled in any preferential programs you may qualify for, and assist large franchisees in completing their individual certification
· PCI solutions are priced on a case by case basis – pricing available upon request

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